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Service Extension Policy


Service Extension Policy is applicable for all the services available on the store (Crow Hacks). When we miss the deadline this extension policy will be activate and is applicable to all the registered users on the ( website.

We would like to deliver and maintain 99.9% success ratio for all the available services in our store but if we miss the deadline then this Service Extension Policy will be activate automatically. This Promisable policy will be helpful for your business for sure because we will work for free until the desired results you see, all you need to do is allow some time for us to make it possible – a sweet request from our side.

Service Extension Policy is applicable to the following categories such as Search Engine Optimization, USA Organic Traffic, Domain Authority & Domain Rating Increasing.

We “crow hacks” treated this policy as a Never Ending Policy

Last Updated: August 10th, 2022

“Refund Policy”
We don’t have any refund policy because we are not selling any physical products but instead of refund we will activate the Service Extension Policy without any extra charges, you no need to pay any single penny for us.

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